CHED Scholarships for Management Science & Engineering Department

The Department of Labor is now investigating the Management Science & Engineering Department for possible curriculum changes. A letter of inquiry was sent to the department on October 16th asking for a detailed list of courses that have been offered recently and for feedback on whether or not they are aligned with federal labor laws. The investigation is being coordinated by officials in the Office of Science and Technology. Candidates wishing to comment on this letter of inquiry must submit by January 8th. If you would like more information about this particular department, including the current job outlook, please see below.

With the downturn in the engineering economy affecting every region of the country, the Labor Department’s Office of Science and Technology is examining the curriculum of many colleges and universities. Specifically, they are examining core courses and whether or not they offer coursework aligned with the federal government’s workforce objectives. As many college students know, many classes aligned with current government job objectives will be considered for graduation. OST technicians will need to complete core courses relating to the government’s objective for their graduates. The department plans to review a small percentage of courses and will then issue a final report on how successful the program has been in producing graduates well-trained in these core area of expertise. In the meantime, however, department officials are reviewing the college’s engineering department faculty to determine if any engineering jobs in the field have opened due to federal hiring initiatives.

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Many engineering jobs are in short supply across the country and the department hopes to increase its pool of applicants by reviewing the college’s faculty profiles. To the surprise of many, the current group of faculty is aging and inexperienced compared to their previous graduates. They are facing difficult challenges as their degrees are becoming more highly sought after but some of the degrees require additional post-graduate work and faculty appointments.

In analyzing the current makeup of the department faculty, the OST finds that a majority of its members hold senior positions in the fields of academia or government. Most of them now hold senior roles at large firms where they have held senior jobs for many years. In analyzing the engineering economics graduates, the department finds that three out of every ten hold senior positions in firms that do not specialize in the field of engineering. Only four graduates are working in firms specializing in the field. Of those who are employed, nearly a quarter of them hold department-wide leadership positions. This level of involvement is quite uncommon in other departments with similar faculty makeup.

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In analyzing the classes taught at the college, the department finds that most of its courses focus on introductory subjects such as mathematics and sciences. Very few offer courses on advanced engineering topics or managerial theory. About half of the department’s courses and two thirds of its assistantships are in business areas of interest. Only one associate program, one master program and one PhD program offer courses in Management Science & Engineering specifically geared towards employers and graduate students.

The department’s philosophy on academic freedom and the ability to develop students through multiple means has influenced the way its faculty members teach. For example, associate professors are required to have teaching responsibilities, but they may also serve as either an officer or a student of the department. Independent scholars and junior faculty members are also permitted autonomy in their scholarly pursuits. No matter how they get their research involved, each independent scholar is ultimately responsible for the content of his or her written work.

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The only other area of overlap between the Management Science & Engineering Department and its sister departments is in the area of supervision. Both the eugsene and the associate professor are subject matter experts within their individual fields. However, when it comes to hiring new graduate students, the two faculty memberships do not collaborate with one another. In fact, the eugsene is not even allowed to teach during his term as a full professor, since he serves as an independent consultant for the Management Science & Engineering Department.

These days, many graduate business programs in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Economics, and Accounting utilize the expertise and experience of the management science degree program as a springboard to their careers. This allows current students who wish to further their education to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Management Science & Engineering, while simultaneously preparing for career opportunities in legacy departments like the eugsene. Even though there is currently no current interdepartmental program currently available, future applications are anticipated as both the engineering department and the management science & engineering department look toward diversification.

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