LTO Plate Replacement Inquiry: Online Checker

Have you asked to have your old green license plate replaced with a new white one? The Land Transportation Office (LTO) possessed 1,797,000 pairs of license plates worth P808.7 million that had not yet been given to their owners, according to information disclosed by the Commission on Audit in July 2023. Among these are the green-to-white license plates that drivers had to start paying for in 2015.

lto ncr replacement plate tracker
LTO Plate Replacement Inquiry: Online Checker

How to Find Out Whether Your License Plate is Available

Use this quick guide to see if the replacement plate is already available. You will not have any trouble utilizing the website because it is rather straightforward and user-friendly.

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2. Enter your license plate number in the designated field. Make sure there is no space between the letters and numbers; for instance, use AAA111 rather than AAA111. After that, press the search button.

3. After a few tries, please refresh the page and ensure that you type your plate number correctly for accurate results.

4. A notification indicating the availability and pickup location of your replacement plates will appear on the screen.

Note that this database will only contain replacement plates that have been paid for at LTO NCR offices.

How to Contact LTO to Recieve a Replacement Plate

The following documents must be ready before you visit the LTO District Office:

For Initial Owners

  • a copy of the registration certificate
  • most recent official receipt
  • a copy of the registered owner’s legitimate ID
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Owner Number Two (not yet transferred)

  • a copy of the registration certificate
  • most recent official receipt
  • Sale Agreement
  • copy of the vendor’s and the vendee’s legitimate IDs

If you would like to make a claim via a representative, kindly submit the following paperwork:

  • A letter of authorization from the registered owner, signed
  • copy of the registered owner’s identification

Visit the LTO District Office that the website shows as having your plate in order to obtain a replacement. Once you arrive, proceed directly to the releasing section and inform them that you are there to get your replacement plate.  Provide them with your documents, and wait for them to hand you your plates.  Finally, sign the release form to confirm that you have received your plates.  The entire process should take approximately 15 minutes.

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Please replace your green plates with the new ones as soon as possible.  Do not discard or throw away the green plates.  They could fall into the wrong hands and be used for illegal activities.  The safest option is to destroy them completely.

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