How to Use the LTO Portal: A Guide for Motorists in the Philippines

Need to file your driver’s license or car registration application or renewal? Why spend several hours at the LTO office (while exposing yourself to the risk of getting COVID-19) when you can just transact online?

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently launched an online portal for processing different transactions like license applications and renewal. This new LTO online system is part of the government agency’s transition to the new normal—which means people can transact at home over the internet and minimize physical contact at an LTO branch.

To avoid running into problems while using the LTO online portal, familiarize yourself with the new system. Here’s everything you need to know about the agency’s online services.

What is the LTMS?

The LTO portal,[1] officially called the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS), is a new web-based system that automates different transactions for motorists in the Philippines, including overseas Filipinos.

According to LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante, the LTMS is a cornerstone of the LTO’s five-year modernization program to make the agency more efficient and give its clients all the convenience of online service.[2]

The biggest advantage of this new portal is that you can access it not only with your desktop or laptop computer but also with your tablet or smartphone.

LTO Online Services Available Through the LTMS Portal

These are the services currently available in the LTO web portal. Services may change over time.

  • Application and renewal for all types of licenses, including student permit
  • Cashless payment for driver’s license processing fees
  • Replacement of lost/damaged license
  • Conversion of foreign driver’s license to professional or non-professional license
  • Change of classification from non-professional to professional license
  • Request for additional restriction code or category
  • Revision of records
  • Request for Certificate of No Apprehension
  • Submission of position papers for contested cases of traffic violations
  • Motor vehicle registration

Who Can Use the LTMS Portal?

The new LTO portal caters to a wide range of people and organizations, such as the following:

  • New car owners
  • Existing LTO license holders
  • Private companies with a fleet of vehicles
  • Delivery and logistics companies with a fleet of vehicles (both two-wheel and four-wheel units)
  • Manufacturing companies with a fleet of heavy vehicles
  • Driving schools

Advantages of Using the LTMS Portal

An online facility that will help you transact with the LTO is truly a good thing. Here are more reasons why you should register and create an account today.

1. Faster LTO Transactions

Launched on May 18, 2020, the LTMS portal will speed up and simplify your transactions with the LTO. The online portal significantly shortens processing times at LTO offices. This is a lot more efficient compared to walk-in transactions that involve too many steps and usually take as much as four hours.

LTO online services on the LTMS portal are available 24/7, so you can transact at your most convenient time. You can use the online system even if you’re abroad.

All you have to do is access the portal from your computer or smartphone, upload the requirements, set an appointment, and pay for LTO fees online.

To complete your transaction, you’ll just have to visit your LTO branch of appointment for processing your photo and biometrics capture, as well as taking the driving exams (for driver’s license application/renewal).

The LTO is also planning to accredit courier services that will deliver driver’s licenses and license plates to those who use the online services.

2. Safer Way to Process Your LTO Documents

Amid the threat of COVID-19, physical distancing is hard to implement with the manual processing of driver’s license, vehicle registration, and other LTO transactions.

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But with the new LTO online system, you won’t have to leave your home and expose yourself to unnecessary risks just to have your license renewed. Imagine the number of people you’re going to talk to and the places that you’ll have to visit if the LTO portal isn’t live and up yet!

3. Increase Your Chance of Passing the Theoretical Exam

LTO portal - LTO Online Exam
How to Use the LTO Portal: A Guide for Motorists in the Philippines

The theoretical exam is one of the LTO exams you need to pass to get a driver’s license or student permit in the Philippines. There are 40 questions in the non-professional driver exam. For you to pass, you need to get 30 correct answers. On the other hand, the professional driver exam has 60 questions, and you need to score 45 points for you to pass.

Luckily, the LTMS portal has e-learning modules that will help you review for the theoretical exam. You can access a host of information on driving fundamentals, fines and penalties for violations, and more.

Here’s how you can access the LTO e-learning module:

  • On the LTMS portal, click the “E-Learning” tab.
  • You’ll be presented with a drop-down menu. Click the item that you need to review. At present, the menu has materials for the following topics:
    • Licensing Information
    • Getting Ready to Drive
    • Driving Fundamentals
    • Road Courtesy and Safety
    • Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of Drivers
    • Motor Vehicle Registration
    • Land Transportation-Related Laws
    • Fines and Penalties for Violations

4. No Need for Stressful Follow-Ups 

Your transactions with the LTO don’t end with the submission of your requirements. From time to time, you need to follow up with the office. But with the ongoing pandemic, going to an LTO satellite office is not the best idea. Moreover, calling the LTO may take time, especially that the client services officers usually take in a large volume of calls.

When you’re registered with the LTMS, all you need to do is log in to your account so you can check the status of a specific transaction. No more stressful follow-ups and time-consuming face-to-face transactions!

5. Avoid Illegal Means of Processing LTO Documents

The LTO always reminds people to avoid fixers who promise quick processing of license applications and other transactions. And it’s always wise to heed the agency’s advice. After all, you won’t be able to tell whether the fixer is a scammer or not. Moreover, it’s illegal to tolerate such conduct, and getting implicated in this issue will surely be a hassle on your end (not to mention the legal repercussions it entails).

If convenience is what you’re after, the LTMS portal can provide it. There’s no need to fall in line, and there will be no follow-ups. More importantly, it will keep you from dealing with dubious personalities who can potentially waste your money and time.

How many times have you forgotten where you’ve placed that receipt? Has there been a time when you cannot remember the plate number of one of the cars in your company’s fleet? This should not be a problem anymore!

Your LTMS account somehow doubles as an archiving facility for your driver’s licenses, recent receipts, apprehensions, and registered vehicles. And if you need an important detail related to your car or transaction with the LTO, all you need to do is just log in to your account to access the files.

7. You Help Free Up Space at the LTO’s Physical Site 

With the LTO portal in place, there will be fewer people lining up at the physical branches. This means that people who actually have no ability to conduct their transaction online can conveniently process whatever they require at the LTO branch. Moreover, fewer people at LTO offices may lower everyone’s exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

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Are LTO Online Services Available to All?

The LTO has just begun implementing the LTMS and is doing it gradually in select offices, so it isn’t available yet in all branches and for all types of transactions.

LTO Offices That Process Online Transactions

Online LTO transactions are processed only in these 24 offices.[3]

Metro Manila:

  • Central Office-License Section
  • Eastwood DLRO
  • Ever Gotesco DLRO
  • Muntinlupa District Office
  • Quezon City Licensing Center


  • Angeles District Office
  • Baguio Licensing Center
  • Bayombong District Office
  • Biñan District Office
  • Calapan District Office
  • Laoag District Office
  • Lipa District Office
  • Naga District Office
  • San Fernando Licensing Center


  • Dumaguete District Office
  • Ormoc District Office
  • Roxas District Office
  • Tagbilaran District Office


  • Butuan District Office
  • Davao District Office
  • General Santos District Office.
  • Malaybalay District Office
  • Pagadian District Office
  • Tagum District Office

Walk-in transactions are still processed in all other LTO branches in the Philippines. Once everything runs smoothly in all the pilot offices, the LTO will implement the online system in all its branches nationwide.

LTO Online Registration Guide: How to Create an LTMS Portal Account

LTO portal - LTO Online Registration
How to Use the LTO Portal: A Guide for Motorists in the Philippines

To start using the LTO online portal, you have to register for an LTMS account first. Here’s how to register online through the LTMS portal.

  1. Access the LTMS website at and click the Register Now button.
  2. Read and accept the Terms of Agreement. At the bottom of the page, check the Yes, I accept if you agree. Encode the correct security code in the box to verify that you are a human and then click Next.
  3. Under the Registration box, choose “Enroll as an Individual.”
  4. Enter all the required details. When you’re done, click the Create Account button.
  5. After submitting your personal information to LTO online, you’ll receive an email containing your 15-digit LTO client number (which will serve as your account username) and a link for verifying your account registration. Click on that link within 24 hours from receiving the message (Or else, your initial LTO online registration record will be removed from the system).
  6. Create your password (with at least eight characters, one alphabet, one number, upper case, and lowercase letters). Re-enter your password to confirm it. Click the Set Password for Login button.
  7. Log in to your LTO online account using your username and password. You can now access the different LTO online services through the portal.

LTO Online Driver’s License Application and Renewal

LTO portal - LTO Driver's License Registration and Renewal
How to Use the LTO Portal: A Guide for Motorists in the Philippines

The LTO online driver’s license application and renewal may involve too many steps, but the process is actually very quick and easy as long as you have all the requirements ready. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your LTO online account through the LTMS portal.
  2. Select “Licensing.”
  3. Read and accept the Terms of Use.
  4. Choose your license type (student permit/driver’s license).
  5. Click the Add Medical Certificate button.
  6. Enter your medical certificate number and click the Verify button*.
  7. Select your driver’s license application type (new/renewal).
  8. Complete the online application form.
  9. Upload any required document indicated in the Document Description dropdown.
  10. The LTO fees you’ll have to pay will be displayed. Click the Apply button.
  11. Choose your preferred LTO office where you’ll complete your transaction, as well as your appointment date and time from the available slots. Click the Proceed to Payment button.
  12. Select your payment method (BancNet/BPI Online/GCash/UnionBank Online)**. Click the Proceed to Summary button.
  13. Review your transaction summary. Click the Finish Transaction button.
  14. Read the e-payment and appointment disclaimers. Click the Accept button.
  15. Your order summary and billing details will appear. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  16. Click on your chosen payment method. Then click the Continue button. This will take you to a secure third-party site where you’ll complete your online payment transaction.
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You can also watch this step-by-step video tutorial on LTMS Public Portal Registration for New Driver’s License Applicants.


*The LTO-accredited clinic where you had your medical exam should have submitted your certificate online to the LTO. Otherwise, your medical certificate number would fail to verify, and you can’t move on to the next step of your online driver’s license application or renewal.

**On top of the LTO fees for your license application/renewal, you’ll also have to pay for the convenience fee, which varies per online payment method.

How to Check Your LTO Transactions

For your easy reference, your transactions with LTO will be recorded in your account. Accessing these records is just as straightforward. Here are the steps.

  1. Sign in to your LTO online account through the LTMS portal.
  2. Click the “Transactions” tab.
  3. You’ll then be directed to a page where you can view the open transactions.

How to Check Your LTO Violations

If you’ve had a traffic violation and you want to know its status, you can do so through the LTO portal. The process is simple and easy:

  1. Sign in to your LTO online account through the LTMS portal.
  2. Click the “Violation” tab.
  3. You’ll then be led to a page where you can view your Demerit Points, Unsettled Dues, and History of Transactions.

How to Check Your LTO Documents

The documents that you have submitted to the LTO are also archived in your account for your easy reference. To navigate this part of the LTO portal, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign in to your LTO online account through the LTMS portal.
  2. Click the “Documents” tab.
  3. After clicking Documents, you’ll  be directed to a page that lists all the documents related to your LTO transactions. The documents are categorized into Licenses, Motor Vehicles, OR/CR, and No Apprehensions.

How to Update Your LTO Profile 

Update your personal details in your account to ensure that you’ll always receive alerts and notifications from the LTO. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign in to your LTO online account through the LTMS portal.
  2. Click the “Profile” tab.
  3. After that, you’ll be directed to the page that contains your personal details. Update them as you please.

Final Thoughts

The new normal has compelled everyone to take all their transactions online to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus. Thankfully, the government has been adapting to the changing times. One testament to this is the launch of the LTMS portal.

Everyone knows how notoriously time-consuming transactions at LTO branches can get. But with the new LTO portal, you get to avoid the long lines and taxing follow-ups. While the entire system is not perfect, you may notice that it improves as time goes by.

If you have questions or need help regarding the use of this government facility portal, you may fill out the inquiry form on the LTMS portal.

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