How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Messenger: Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you accidentally deleted an important message on Facebook Messenger, only to realize later that you still needed it? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. With the increasing reliance on instant messaging platforms for communication, the need to retrieve deleted messages has become more prevalent than ever. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of recovering deleted messages on Messenger, step-by-step.


Facebook Messenger has become an integral part of our daily communication, allowing us to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. However, it’s not uncommon to accidentally delete messages, whether it’s due to a hasty tap or simply overlooking the importance of a particular conversation. Fortunately, Messenger provides options for retrieving deleted messages, albeit with certain limitations.

Understanding Messenger Deletion

Before diving into the recovery process, it’s essential to understand how Messenger handles message deletion. When you delete a message on Messenger, it’s not permanently erased from the servers immediately. Instead, it’s archived and marked for deletion, allowing a window of opportunity for recovery. However, if the message remains deleted for an extended period, it may become irretrievable.

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Precautions Before Recovery

To maximize your chances of successful message recovery, it’s crucial to act promptly. As soon as you realize that you’ve deleted a message unintentionally, refrain from using Messenger to prevent overwriting the deleted data. Additionally, consider backing up your messages regularly to avoid losing important conversations in the future.

Methods for Retrieval

Step 1: Using the Messenger App

  1. Open the Messenger app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the conversation from which you want to retrieve deleted messages.
  3. Tap on the person’s name to open the conversation settings.
  4. Select “Search in Conversation” and type a keyword related to the deleted message.
  5. Scroll through the search results to locate the deleted message.

Step 2: Using Third-Party Tools

Alternatively, you can explore third-party tools designed for message recovery. These tools utilize advanced algorithms to scan your device and retrieve deleted messages from Messenger. However, exercise caution when using third-party tools and ensure that you choose a reputable and trusted application to protect your privacy and security.

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Tips for Success

  • Act quickly: The sooner you attempt to retrieve deleted messages, the higher the chances of success.
  • Avoid overwriting: Refrain from sending new messages or engaging in further conversations to prevent overwriting the deleted data.
  • Stay informed: Keep yourself updated on the latest methods and tools for message recovery to enhance your chances of success.

Recovering Archived Messages

In addition to retrieving deleted messages, Messenger also allows you to access and restore archived messages. Archived messages are temporarily hidden from your main inbox but can be easily retrieved whenever needed. To access archived messages, simply tap on the “More” option within the Messenger app and select “Archived.”


In conclusion, knowing how to retrieve deleted messages on Messenger can be invaluable in various situations. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted an important conversation or need to recover vital information, following the steps outlined in this guide can help you retrieve deleted messages with ease. Remember to act promptly, stay informed about recovery options, and consider implementing precautionary measures to safeguard your messages in the future.

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  1. What happens when you delete a message on Messenger? When you delete a message on Messenger, it gets archived and marked for deletion. However, it may still be recoverable within a certain timeframe.
  2. Can I retrieve messages deleted by the other person? No, you cannot retrieve messages that have been deleted by the other person. Message retrieval is only possible for messages deleted from your own account.
  3. Are there any risks involved in using third-party tools for message recovery? Yes, using third-party tools for message recovery may pose privacy and security risks. It’s essential to choose reputable applications and exercise caution when granting permissions.
  4. Is it possible to recover messages that were deleted a long time ago? The likelihood of recovering messages deleted a long time ago decreases over time, as they may become irretrievable due to server-side deletion processes.
  5. Will retrieving deleted messages notify the sender? No, retrieving deleted messages on Messenger does not notify the sender. The process is discreet and does not affect the sender’s account or notifications.

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