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How is GWA calculated online and in college?

The total weighted grades will then be added up to 27 + 16 + 21.25 + 22.5 = 86.75. Compute the GWA after that.

Divide the entire weighted grade by the total weight, or percentage of all categories, to get the GWA. The overall weight or percentage of all the categories in our case is

30 + 20 + 25 + 25 = 100

The history subject’s GWA will therefore be 86.5 / 100 = 86.75%.

This is the method by which an online GWA computes the Philippines. These procedures can also be used to manually calculate the GWA.

How Do I Use the GWA Calculator Online?

Though it may seem complicated at first, using the GWA calculator is quite simple. To use the calculator, simply enter the necessary data and let it handle the rest.

We will walk you through using the online GWA calculator step-by-step below. Make sure to complete all steps as they are crucial.

Select a trustworthy online calculator.

Finding a dependable solution is the first and most crucial step in using the G-W-A calculator. Thousands of gwa computations are available on the internet; it is up to you to select the correct one.

Which choice is the best one? Well, a G-W-A calculator with all the functions required, such as a basic calculator and GPA conversion, ought to be adequate for the job.

Enter your grades.

The next step is to simply go to the GWA calculator you have selected and enter your grades once it has been perfected and proven.

The majority of calculators will request your course and subject grades along with the associated credit units. Thus, to obtain ideal results, make sure to fill out the information accurately.

Look for any modifications.

Prior to pressing the calculate button, carefully review any additional information that the majority of GWA calculators may ask you about, such as advanced classes or additional honors points.

Select a grading scheme.

One of the most crucial aspects in determining the GWA is selecting your grading scheme because it has a big impact on your results. The G-W-A calculators often include two grading schemes: a 4-point system and a 100-point system.

The Philippines uses a 100-point grading system, whereas the United States primarily uses a 4-point system.

Thus, be sure to select the appropriate grading scheme.

Select the Calculate button.

It is as simple as pressing the compute button when you have located the relevant data, entered the correct data, and selected the appropriate grading scheme. In a few seconds, the calculator will calculate and your GWA will appear on the screen.

As your name is called on stage by the presenters, you enter with pride and become aware of the thunderous applause from your classmates and instructors.

As you take the stage and are presented with the highest place honor, you notice two familiar faces in the auditorium’s far corner.

Getting up from the chairs repeatedly to give you heartfelt applause. You have to have predicted those faces if you are a student.

You are correct, of course! They are your parents. Who sacrifices blood and sweat to catch a glimpse of your happiness? And obtaining good grades for this reason alone is compelling.

Good grades influence your academic decisions and assist you in reaching your objectives, whether they are for high school scholarships or gaining admission to a top university in the Philippines.

But let us be honest: achieving the top spot is what drives people crazy, especially with the intense strain of schooling and constant perspiration. It can be somewhat daunting to compute your grades, particularly when figuring out your general weighted average (GWA).

The best GWA calculator available online steps in at that point. This calculator helps you get precise and timely results while relieving the burden of manually calculating your GWA in the Philippines.

You can quickly and easily calculate your GWA in the Philippines with the help of our user-friendly application, so stop guessing and pulling your hair out of stress. We will also walk you through every aspect of the online GWA calculator in this article.

We will guide you through every step, from how to use the online G-W-A calculator to its top advantages for boosting your grades.

Read through to the finish if you want to achieve good grades and relieve the stress of figuring out your GWA in the Philippines. For you, this blog post is a treasure trove.

What does general weighted average, or GWA, mean?

A statistic used to assess a student’s academic performance in the Philippines is called the General Weighted Average, or GWA. It shows the typical grade a student has received over a specific time frame.

Based on the weight of each subject or course, this average grade is calculated. Each course’s credit hours are used to determine GWA.

The weighted average of each course subject is added, and the result is divided by the total number of credit hours to get GWA in the Philippines. How is each subject’s weight determined now?

The grade for each subject or course is multiplied by the total number of credit hours for that specific course to determine its weight. Naturally, after that, totaling those values and dividing the result by the entire number of credit hours.

Let us demonstrate it with an example. Your GWA will be determined by multiplying the grades of each course by the corresponding credit hours, adding these credit hours, and dividing the result by the total number of credit hours, assuming you have five courses, each worth three credits.

Still feeling perplexed? Fear not—we shall delve into the GWA calculator Philippines’ operation later in this post.

GWA is more than just a way to show off your grades to your peers. This measure for the Philippines can make or break your future academic endeavors. The GWA is a tool used to determine your chances of receiving a fully funded scholarship or the top rank in your high school class.

The majority of universities have a minimum GWA requirement before admitting students. Furthermore, that is not it. A strong GWA is necessary to boost your resume and land high-paying positions.

Granted, talents are more important than academics, but grades give your skills more polish. Additionally, you can be more effective and productive than ever before if you have excellent skills and a high GWA. GWA is a calculator for a few reasons, including the following.

But keep in mind that it is not the same as GPA. The majority of students believe that these indicators are equivalent. They are somewhat correct because a student’s grade performance is assessed by both metrics. However, this is where the parallels stop.

The place is where the differences start. While GWA is used in the Philippines, GPA is more frequently used in the US and several Asian states. In addition to the variations in location, there are differences in the methods used to calculate the two metrics.

Credit hours are used in the GWA calculation. After accounting for each course’s weight, the amount of credit hours is divided. In contrast, the point system is used to determine GPA.

It gives every grade a numerical value. Both criteria are used to evaluate academic success, despite their differences, and receiving good marks on both indicates further educational options.

This concludes our quick overview of GWA; next, we will discuss the many kinds of GWA calculators.

Forms of General Weighted Average (GWA) calculation

The first thing that springs to mind when considering a GWA calculator is that it has to be an online calculator. There are three different kinds of calculators.

  1. G-W-A calculator online
  2. The G-W-A calculator offline
  3. The G-W-A calculator by hand

We will talk about each one and determine which method calculates your GWA the most effectively.

1. The G.W.A. calculator online

The online G-W-A calculator, as its name implies, is a web application that uses an internet connection to calculate GWA. Students can use these calculators anywhere and they are usually free to use.

It is really convenient because of this. You do not even need to know how to use computers or the internet to utilize this calculator because of its user-friendly UI.

Additionally, by using various calculation techniques, these online GWA calculators can be tailored to compute particular grades. They are therefore more adaptable than any calculator.

Moreover, this online calculator also allows students to convert their GWA into grades, which might be helpful when applying for scholarships.

Another illustration is the GWA calculator Pisay, an online tool created for science high school students in the Philippines. The GWA computation Pisay uses the school’s grading guidelines to determine the GWA.

2. Download the offline G.W.A calculator

These software-based offline GWA calculators are available for download from the internet. These calculators are the greatest choice for students without wifi because they do not require an online connection to function. The online G W A calculator and this one have nearly identical functionality.

The GWA calculators for Windows and Android are two examples of offline calculators. It is simple to download each of these G.W.A. calculators to the appropriate operating system.

3. The Guidebook G.W.A. computation

These are the vintage G/W/A calculators, the manual GWA calculators. These computations rely on charts and formulas. Online or offline calculators are more convenient than manual calculators. Nevertheless, they can come in handy if you require access to G-W-A calculators, either offline or online.

The formula-based calculator is the most widely used illustration of a Manual G.W.A. calculator. Here, pupils determine their GWA using a mathematical procedure. This GWA calculator’s formula is

GWA = Conversion Factor x Total Grade Points / Total Units

Where total grade points are the sum of the grade points gained in each course, total units are the total number of units taken, and the conversion factor is a figure that varies based on the grading scale of different schools.

What is the best GWA calculator for calculating GWA?

The online GWA calculators are certainly the best general weighted average calculators of all.  Compared to other gwa converters, online GWA calculators are the most accurate. Additionally, they are very user-friendly and simple for pupils to utilize.

Furthermore, the GWA calculators on the internet are updated often. They become more compatible and safe as a result.

Furthermore, the online GWA application has other functions like planning tools and GPA conversion. Compared to other GWA calculators, they are therefore more flexible.

Now that you are aware that the Philippines’ online GWA calculation is the greatest for achieving academic success, let us look at how the online GWA calculator operates.

An actual illustration of how the GWA calculator functions

This is a real-world illustration of how the GWA calculator in the Philippines operates. The 100-point grading scheme utilized in the Philippines is the basis for this illustration.

Keep in mind that the calculator will not work until all of the data has been entered. Nevertheless, we will individually clarify each step to help you comprehend the procedure. This also applies to manually figuring out your GWA.

Establish the weights assigned to each category for a given course.

Assume that you wish to determine your GWA as a high school student. Determining the weight proportion of each category in a given course is therefore the first step. Assume the following weights are assigned to the course’s categories and that the subject is history.

  • Tests 30%
  • 20% of assignments
  • 25% at the midterm
  • 25% Final Exam

Enter the grades for every classification.

Once you have the course weights, proceed. Entering your grades for each category is the next step. Assume you received the grades listed below for each category.

  • Tests 90,
  • Tasks 80,
  • 85th midterm
  • 90th Final Exam

Put in each category’s weights.

The next step is to enter the category weights for that specific course after you have entered the grades. The weights are already assumed to be

  • Tests 30%
  • 20% of assignments
  • 25% at the midterm
  • 25% Final Exam

Thus, input this data into the calculator.

Determine how much each category’s weighted grade is worth.

You must click the compute button once all the information has been successfully entered. But we will walk you through the math step-by-step so you can better understand the procedure.

The next step is to determine the weighted grades for each category after the grades and their weights have been filled in.

To calculate this, multiply each grade by its weight.

  • Tests: 90 times 0.30 = 27
  • Assignments: 16 x 80 x 0.20
  • Midterm exam: 21.25 (85 x 0.25).
  • Final exam: 22.5 (90 x 0.25).

Advantages of Using a GWA Computation Online

The GWA calculator is more than just a simple calculator; it has many more uses. The use of the GWA calculator online has the following advantages.


A few points here and there can make all the difference when determining your GWA and your academic success. This is the drawback of manual GWA calculators since they rely on formulas and are prone to human mistake.

This is accurate for high school scholarship applications. In the event that an error occurs during the manual calculation of the GWA, you may be excluded from the scholarship program. This is where using the GWA calculator online is useful.

Compared to offline, manual calculators, the online GWA calculator yields much higher accuracy. Without requiring human assistance, it produces findings in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, these calculators are updated often to eliminate any glitches or inaccuracies. They are therefore a reliable and accurate choice for figuring out your GWA.

Saving Time

Time is saved by using the online gwa computation tool. You see, manually computing your GWA necessitates entering many values, such as the overall course weight and the weights of the other categories. This may appear intimidating and takes a lot of time, which could lead to erroneous results.

For instance, suppose you were to figure out the GWA for your first two semesters, which consisted of five subjects apiece. The weights for each category in each course would then need to be determined manually.

This can take a lot of time, and the students get tired most of the time. The online GWA calculator, on the other hand, only requires the preliminary data and will complete the task on its own.

Moreover, you may compute your GWA in real-time with the online GWA calculator, so you can view the results as soon as you enter the grades.

When you want to monitor your academic progress or see your performance throughout the course of the semester, this is incredibly helpful. You can experiment with this calculator to see how different grade circumstances impact your GWA.


The GWA calculator on the internet is user-friendly and flexible. It can be tiresome and laborious to manually calculate your GPA because you have to have a manual calculator with you at all times.

Furthermore, just a few colleges or scholarship programs accept manual calculators for applications.

Conversely, the online GWA calculator is accessible from any location. You may quickly and easily calculate your GPA without worrying about it, whether you want to apply to multiple universities or just want to know how your semester is progressing.

Interface that is easy to use

Students who lack technological proficiency can greatly benefit from the online GWA calculator. With its elegant and intuitive UI, this calculator is appropriate for nearly all users.

The online GWA calculator asks for the information needed to complete the computation without stressing you out, in contrast to complicated offline GWA calculators.

The tool’s interface works well on every platform, whether you use a desktop or a mobile one.

Adaptable to many grading schemes

The online GWA calculator’s interoperability with various grading schemes is an additional useful feature. There are just one or two grading system kinds that are supported by the manual GWA calculators. However, there are several grading schemes available in the online GWa calculator, including 4-point and 100-point grading criteria.

Because grading schemes vary throughout schools, the online GWA calculator is useful in this regard.

Because the calculator is compatible with several grading schemes, calculating GWA is simplified because there is no need to manually translate the results between grade schemes.

FAQs for GWA

Does the GWA calculation process in Philippine schools follow the same grade scheme?

In the Philippines, different schools use different grading schemes to determine GWA. Nonetheless, the majority of schools employ a 100-point or 4-point system.

How is GWA determined for samples from colleges?

The methodology utilized to determine a college’s GWA varies throughout institutions. It is also contingent upon grading schemes. Nonetheless, adding up all of the grade points obtained for every course and dividing it by the total number of units taken is the most typical method used in college to determine GWA.

What does a GWA grade correspond to?

The grade weighted average, or GWA, is a numerical grading method used in the Philippine educational system to assess a student’s academic achievement. One is the highest number on the scale, while five is the lowest.

Are GPA and GWA equivalent?

GPA and GWA are not synonymous. Both are used to assess how well a student is doing academically, but the GPA is determined by first giving letter grades a numerical value and then average them. The GPA scale has a 0 starting point and a 4 finish. The highest number is 4.

Conversely, GWA is determined by taking the mean of the numerical grades received in a certain course or subject.

Last Words

For determining your GWA, the online GWA calculator Philippines is a great resource. The program is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge to utilize. Furthermore, by automating the computation process, this application saves you a ton of time.

The results are flexible and significantly more accurate than those of any other GWA calculator. It can be used anywhere in the word. An internet connection is all that is required.

Therefore, use the online GWA calculator the next time you need to determine your GWA for any academic opportunity.

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