CHED Scholarship Benefits

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The CHED Scholarship is offered by the Central Hazardous Vessel Inspection and Assessor’s office. The Inspectors are appointed by the ports council in each state to enforce the safety regulations within the state. They are authorized by the Federal Maritime Commission to make inspections and provide reports on safety matters relating to major sea-going vessels and cruise ships. If a ship has been found unsafe or dangerous to travel, they must submit a report to the concerned authorities. The inspectors carry out their job by investigating the matter thoroughly and then producing a report to be forwarded to the concerned authority or the local port authority.


One of the several advantages of the CHED Scholarship is that the ship owners or operators who employ them have the opportunity of acquiring free and regular training from any one of the many recognized nautical colleges. These schools and institutions are governed and regulated by the Coast Guard. Before admission, you must submit an application for admission and then complete it with the required documentation. In addition to this, you must also submit a letter of recommendation from a former student who has successfully obtained a scholarship. To apply for this scholarship, you must visit the nearest nautical college and speak to a representative.

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One of the several types of CHED Scholarship programs is the Priority Program. As the name suggests, this is a priority program that is tailored specifically for the students who need financial assistance the most. As such, those who will be considered for eligibility are those with low income but with good academic records.


The next type of CHED Scholarship benefits is the tuition assistance plan. Under this scheme, students who are pursuing graduate studies are eligible to earn a scholarship worth five hundred dollars per annum. The annual gross income amount is computed by adding the value of the loan and the fee charged by the Central Hazardous Vessel Inspection Council. For students taking up courses in science and engineering, the value of the scholarship does not include any tuition assistance fee. Undergraduate students applying for scholarship programs in chemistry are eligible to apply for a scholarship worth one thousand dollars. Undergraduate students applying for CHED scholarship programs in nursing are eligible to apply for two thousand dollars.


A number of scholarship programs cover all the expenses relating to travel while in attendance at the college or university. Under such scholarships, the students have to pay for their flight allowance and for the ground transportation between the college and the regional office. The students have to take care that they arrange for their own accommodation during the stay in the college. A candidate applying for this scholarship must complete the FAFSA form with the Central Processing School.

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The third type of CHED Scholarship benefits is the private heis system. Under this program, candidates applying for CHED scholarships are awarded only if they have passed the eligibility criteria. There is no constraint on the choice of subjects for the private tuition fee of the candidate. A private tuition fee is approved only if the candidate has passed the prescribed national exam. In case of private tuition, the candidate need not fulfill the enrollment requirement under the scholarship program.


The remaining four types of CHED scholarship benefits are not based on the financial assistance received but on the selection made by the financial assistance office. Under these programs, the candidate is entitled to apply for a scholarship every year. The award of each scholarship varies from one year to another. The candidate who is eligible to receive a scholarship is selected first and if he does not possess the minimum requirements, the next best candidate is offered an award.

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The four types of CHED scholarships are meant for those candidates who wish to finish their post-baccalaureate or post-masters’ degree in any discipline as soon as possible. The other two categories of CHED assistance are designed to benefit those pursuing masters’ degrees, doctorate degrees or doctoral degrees. The categories are distinguished on the basis of the number of years of eligibility. Those eligible for a one-year CHED Scholarship are those who are in their first or second year of their careers; those eligible for a two-year scholarship are those who have completed their graduate studies and are pursuing doctorate degrees; while the rest of the category of eligible candidates can apply for a three-year CHED Scholarship if they are in their fourth year of their careers. In addition, some scholarships also recognize the status of special assistant for women in certain industries who have a CHED Scholarship.

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