CHED Scholarships for Biology Department

The Biology Department at the University of Michigan is one of the largest departments in the entire school. Due to the overwhelming number of students enrolling each year, the biology department often has a high turn out with qualified graduates. Students in this department participate in research programs throughout the year. A typical semester for a student in this department will consist of classes, tutorials, field trips, and other course work. For students looking to begin a career in this field, the program will help them obtain a bachelor’s degree in Biology with a major in Molecular Biology.

During their Bachelor’s degree, students will be exposed to a variety of different molecular biology courses. Some of the core courses that must be completed are Genetics, Cellular and molecular biology, Biochemistry, and Cell and Structural Biology. At least two of these core courses must be completed in the order they are listed above. After finishing a series of general education courses, students will graduate. Depending on the university, students may be able to take specific molecular biology courses after graduation.

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With a four year degree, students will have a variety of job opportunities. Positions in the molecular biology lab can be found in schools, colleges, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry. These positions are very competitive. Many schools are on the lookout for candidates who have all of the necessary skills to succeed in these jobs. There are many reasons that one would choose to pursue a career in molecular biology.

Courses in this department give students the knowledge of how cells work, as well as how the environment affects them. By participating in research programs, students will also learn about genetics and cell maintenance. As research advances, there will be more methods to manipulate the DNA of living organisms. As the demand for stem cells increase, the need for these specialists will also grow.

If you want to become involved in the field of biology, the best way to do so is to get a bachelor’s degree. After graduation, students can choose to go on to graduate studies in molecular biology or any other related field. Depending on the school, there are specific courses that must be taken before one can enter into a graduate program in molecular biology.

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Students who wish to pursue graduate work in molecular biology should take some courses in their first two years of college. This is a great way to develop a strong interest in the subject. For students already in the field, these classes give them an excellent foundation for further research and study. A master’s degree is achieved when students have their Ph.D. At this point, they can enroll in research programs and take part in state-of-the-art laboratory activities.

Students who have already completed their graduate work in molecular biology will be able to find employment in almost any area in the science field. Some areas that require advanced degrees include developmental biology, microbial, and animal and plant physiology. There are also openings in several industries, such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Teaching credentials may be required for certain positions. Students can obtain employment as faculty members at universities and colleges or as senior researchers in various institutions. The possibilities are nearly limitless, and a number of publications are devoted to those who have completed graduate work in this field.

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Those with bachelor’s degrees can continue on to become teachers or researchers, and some opt to open their own laboratories. Those with master’s degrees can pursue academic research, teach at a university or college, or open a laboratory of their own. Others may decide to enter the pharmaceutical and bio-banking fields, or begin work in the communications and psychology fields. No matter where a student chooses to pursue his or her career, there are plenty of options available for someone with a passion for biology.

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