CHED Scholarships for Biochemistry Department

The first step in a student’s career is often to pick a biochemistry major at an Australian university. Many Australian universities offer the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and several other science programs including the Masters of Science in Biochemistry. It is possible for undergraduate students to begin their careers with a four-year program in biochemistry at any community college in Australia. Postgraduates may take courses at a community college as well. Most community colleges in Australia also offer the Master of Science in Biochemistry or the PhD in Biochemistry. These degrees are also offered at most universities in the United Kingdom.
After a student has completed an undergraduate degree, many choose to continue their education and pursue graduate programs in biochemistry. At times, students will complete their master’s degree in a different area of science before returning to their original biochemistry major. For example, if a student wants to become an immunologist, they may choose to take a course in chemistry before returning to their graduate program in immunology. Students who want to be medical officers will probably have to take an approved exam in their field and then take a course in molecular biology. After completing a graduate program in biochemistry, medical students may go on to take additional classes like molecular biology, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology and anatomy.
Many students also choose to continue their education after completing their formal education in the biochemistry department at an Australian university by completing a postgraduate degree. The requirements to enroll in this type of program vary from school to school. At times, postgraduate students will need to demonstrate proof of their academic excellence by passing a review article, a project, a written examination or a visual or oral presentation. There is usually no minimum grade requirement for students applying to this program.
Graduate programs in biochemistry are designed to prepare students to enter careers as biochemists, microbiologists, pharmacists, educators and others with a broad range of responsibilities. The types of jobs available in the field of biochemistry are varied. It is possible for biochemistry students to choose to specialize in either one or all of these areas. Postgraduate students interested in research experience should consider a career as a biophysicist, a geneticist, a biochemist technician or a biochemist.

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Biochemistry students will begin their academic program with either a one or two-year program. Students can complete a one year course and earn a bachelor of science in biochemistry with a first term. At the end of the first year, students should be able to write a clear thesis on a appropriate topic that has been approved for research. The student must still fulfill all course requirements, including all lab requirements, as well as maintain a minimum GPA. The minimum GPA requirement for students transferring in from another institution is two courses lower than the GPA requirement from the first year.

After the completion of a one year program, students will take an introductory genetics course as well as a laboratory course. If students wish to take a specialized course in chemistry or genetics, they will need to fulfill the requirements for that course by their sophomore year. The lab course requirements will vary with the type of study you are pursuing, however, and may include more or less laboratory work. For example, in biochemistry, students will likely need to complete one to three weeks of genetics or molecular biology, and will likely need to write a thesis depending on what course they chose.

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As a student completes his or her degree, he or she will be able to take a review board exam and be granted a master’s degree. In order to qualify for the master’s degree in biochemistry, a student must demonstrate excellence in both the courses they began with and their research projects. If you have completed a graduate program and your advisor has recommended a specialized area of study, you may be able to defer your review board exam until after you have completed your master’s degree. It is also possible for students who were unable to pass the first time around, to apply again for their master’s degree and successfully complete the course.
Those who want to pursue careers in the biochemistry field should begin their education by selecting a school that offers a well rounded curriculum with the most courses covering all the areas of interest.

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If possible, you should select a school that is accredited, as this will help to ensure that your work will be accepted by other institutions. Once you have earned your bachelor’s degree and your master’s degree, you can apply for jobs in the biochemistry department. However, it may be necessary to wait until your degrees are fully completed before applying. It is also helpful to complete a clinical or laboratory skills review as well as a review article prior to applying to a specific school.

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