CHED Scholarships for Art and Art History Department

The Art & Art History Department at the College of Saint Benilde offers a myriad of programs in the study of Western and Eastern art and architecture, and sculpture, studio courses on video, film, photography, graphic design, jewelry, pottery, and paintings. Within the Department, there are Bachelor’s Degrees in Art History & Visual Education, Associate’s Degrees in Art History & Visual Education, and Doctoral Degrees in Art History & Visual Education. Students can expect to complete their programs in less than 3 years, although many students take longer. The University offers two undergraduate degree concentrations within the department, which focus on Art History & Visual Education, specifically. A certificate program is also offered, which may be taken prior to enrolling in a full Bachelors Degree program. This concentration is a great option for those who wish to pursue work in museum facilities or education, without needing to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Art History or Visual Education.

The Art & Art History Department sponsors several festivals throughout the year, including the Saint Benilde International Jazz Festival, the Jazz Festival in Lisbon, the International Festival of Photography, and the International Festival of Dance. These festivals celebrate the art history and visual culture of the city. In addition to festivals, the Art & Art History Department sponsors a number of exhibitions and conferences, such as the International Conference on Photography, and the Salon International de la Revista Internacional do Trabalho. The Department of Art History sponsors a number of scholarships and fellowships, such as the Fondo Europea de Artes Futures. The Graduate Thesis Council at the College of Saint Benilde awards a fellowship for academic students in recognition of their academic excellence in visual culture.

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Stretching across three locations, the College has a campus at the College of Saint Benilde, which is located in the town of Saint Benilde. In addition to the college campus, Saint Benilde is home to a large museum complex featuring an extensive range of exhibits, including ancient Egyptian artifacts, fine pottery, metal work, and jewelery. The museum complex houses the College’s permanent collection of objects related to the visual culture of the Atlantic world. Other museums in Saint Benilde include the Museo di Stipe, a medieval church that served as a prison colony during the Portuguese rule, and the Anne Frank House.

Another important component of the art history department is the School of Art & Design. Established in 1963, the school offers two major degrees – Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). It also offers professional certificates, as well as an interdisciplinary certificate program that addresses contemporary issues in visual culture. In addition to the degree programs, the school provides courses related to graphic communication, performance art, photography, media studies, and digital art.

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The College of Art History & Social Sciences features a minor in Visual Culture and Planning. Students will study current topics related to visual culture and planning, such as ethnic, women, and fashion design. Concentrations of this minor require research methods that are informed by visual culture and planning. An emphasis is placed on social and political issues in the field.

An associate’s degree is a minimum of nine credits and may be obtained through either a course of study in a classroom or via the use of an online associate program. Some colleges allow students who have already completed an associate’s degree to transfer in that course of study to increase their credit limit. Additional credits may be earned through the use of an internship, college coursework, or on-the-job experience. Students in the art history department at the College of Art & Design should expect to take classes such as Introduction to Art Education, Topics in Visual Culture & Popular Cultures, Introduction to Visual Communication, Social Practices in Art and Visual Thought, and Visual Studies.

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An individual may also earn a bachelor’s degree in the field of art history. A student must first obtain a bachelors degree from an accredited university or college and pass a series of standardized exams. The student must then obtain an associate’s degree from a community college or vocational/trade school and pass the same exams. In some cases, a bachelors degree may not be sufficient for entry into the graduate program. If this is the case, a student may opt to earn a master’s degree in the field.

Individuals working in the art history department at the College of Art & Design can pursue a number of professional objectives. These professionals may be involved in the teaching and research of one of the many art history disciplines. They may also work in the museum setting if the institution has one. Other professionals, such as teachers and administrators, may specialize in a specific area of art history.


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